Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's OK To Be Lazy

Sometimes, it's ok to be lazy. To spend a weekend day, let's say, doing nothing.
It's ok to spend time by yourself or with a loved one, with a book or two, all curled up in bed, drinking some coffee or tea, some wine maybe.

It's ok to forget once in a while that you have to cook, to clean the house, to do the dishes, the laundry, the ironing.

It's ok if you decided you'll stay all day long in pajamas, with a messy hair, no make-up, watching your favourite movies, listening to music and scrolling down on your Facebook profile.
It's also ok to shut down your mobile phone, TV and laptop if you want, and sleep the entire day if this makes you feel better, with no people interaction at all.

You don't have to be sad or angry to do any of these. If you feel like doing so, you just do it and that's it.

None of these lazy activities turns you into an irresponsible person.
None of these means you forget about your friends and family.

It just means you need these hours or a whole day to recharge your batteries, to pull yourself together after a rough week or month, or simply to spend some time on your own doing pretty much nothing. This is, in a simple way, caring about yourself and your own mental health.

Maybe not everybody has the same needs, but if this helps you disconnect, relax or take some real rest, then just go for it!
Whatever you do, remember this: it's ok to treat yourself right. 😊


  1. Bine ar fi sa ne amintim mai des asta. De multe ori uitam sa ne mai facem timp si pentru noi.

    1. E cam greu în lumea agitată în care trăim, dar avem nevoie şi ar fi bine să ne facem timp mai des :)
      O săptămână uşoară îţi doresc!